9. Cherishing Guests

Chapter. 9. Cherishing Guests
All household cares and course of daily life have this in view.
Guests to receive with courtesy, and kindly acts to do.
Meaning : The whole design of living in the domestic state and laying up (property) is (to be able) to exercise the benevolence of hospitality.
Though food of immortality should crown the board,
Feasting alone, the guests without unfed, is thing abhorred.
Meaning : It is not fit that one should wish his guests to be outside (his house) even though he were eating the food of immortality.
Each day he tends the coming guest with kindly care;
Painless, unfailing plenty shall his household share.
Meaning : The domestic life of the man that daily entertains the guests who come to him shall not be laid waste by poverty.
With smiling face he entertains each virtuous guest,
'Fortune' with gladsome mind shall in his dwelling rest.
Meaning : Lakshmi with joyous mind shall dwell in the house of that man who, with cheerful countenance, entertains the good as guests.
Who first regales his guest, and then himself supplies,
O'er all his fields, unsown, shall plenteous harvests rise.
Meaning : Is it necessary to sow the field of the man who, having feasted his guests, eats what may remain ?
The guest arrived he tends, the coming guest expects to see;
To those in heavenly homes that dwell a welcome guest is he.
Meaning : He who, having entertained the guests that have come, looks out for others who may yet come, will be a welcome guest to the inhabitants of heaven.
To reckon up the fruit of kindly deeds were all in vain;
Their worth is as the worth of guests you entertain.
Meaning : The advantages of benevolence cannot be measured; the measure (of the virtue) of the guests (entertained) is the only measure.
With pain they guard their stores, yet 'All forlorn are we,' they'll cry,
Who cherish not their guests, nor kindly help supply.
Meaning : Those who have taken no part in the benevolence of hospitality shall (at length lament) saying, "we have laboured and laid up wealth and are now without support."
To turn from guests is penury, though worldly goods abound;
'Tis senseless folly, only with the senseless found.
Meaning : That stupidity which excercises no hospitality is poverty in the midst of wealth. It is the property of the stupid.
The flower of 'Anicha' withers away, If you do but its fragrance inhale;
If the face of the host cold welcome convey, The guest's heart within him will fail.
Meaning : As the Anicham flower fades in smelling, so fades the guest when the face is turned away.