37. The Extirpation of Desire

Chapter. 37. The Extirpation of Desire
Kural - 361
The wise declare, through all the days, to every living thing.
That ceaseless round of birth from seed of strong desire doth spring.
Meaning : (The wise) say that the seed, which produces unceasing births, at all times, to all creatures, is desire.
Kural - 362
If desire you feel, freedom from changing birth require!
'I' will come, if you desire to 'scape, set free from all desire.
Meaning : If anything be desired, freedom from births should be desired; that (freedom from births) will be attained by desiring to be without desire.
Kural - 363
No glorious wealth is here like freedom from desire;
To bliss like this not even there can soul aspire.
Meaning : There is in this world no excellence equal to freedom from desire; and even in that world, there is nothing like it.
Kural - 364
Desire's decease as purity men know;
That, too, from yearning search for truth will grow.
Meaning : Purity (of mind) consists in freedom from desire; and that (freedom from desire) is the fruit of the love of truth.
Kural - 365
Men freed from bonds of strong desire are free;
None other share such perfect liberty.
Meaning : They are said to be free (from future birth) who are freed from desire; all others (who, whatever else they may be free from, are not freed from desire) are not thus free.
Kural - 366
Desire each soul beguiles;
True virtue dreads its wiles.
Meaning : It is the chief duty of (an ascetic) to watch against desire with (jealous) fear; for it has power to deceive (and destroy) him.
Kural - 367
Who thoroughly rids his life of passion-prompted deed,
Deeds of unfailing worth shall do, which, as he plans, succeed.
Meaning : If a man thoroughly cut off all desire, the deeds, which confer immortality, will come to him, in the path in which he seeks them.
Kural - 368
Affliction is not known where no desires abide;
Where these are, endless rises sorrow's tide.
Meaning : There is no sorrow to those who are without desire; but where that is, (sorrow) will incessantly come, more and more.
Kural - 369
When dies away desire, that woe of woes
Ev'n here the soul unceasing rapture knows.
Meaning : Even while in this body, joy will never depart (from the mind, in which) desire, that sorrow of sorrows, has been destroyed.
Kural - 370
Drive from thy soul desire insatiate;
Straight'way is gained the moveless blissful state.
Meaning : The removal of desire, whose nature it is never to be satisfied, will immediately confer a nature that can never be changed.