25. The Possession of Benevolence

Chapter. 25. The Possession of Benevolence
Wealth 'mid wealth is wealth 'kindliness';
Wealth of goods the vilest too possess.
Meaning : The wealth of kindness is wealth of wealth, in as much as the wealth of property is possessed by the basest of men.
The law of 'grace' fulfil, by methods good due trial made,
Though many systems you explore, this is your only aid.
Meaning : (Stand) in the good path, consider, and be kind. Even considering according to the conflicting tenets of the different sects, kindness will be your best aid, (in the acquisition of heavenly bliss.)
They in whose breast a 'gracious kindliness' resides,
See not the gruesome world, where darkness drear abides.
Meaning : They will never enter the world of darkness and wretchedness whose minds are the abode of kindness.
Who for undying souls of men provides with gracious zeal,
In his own soul the dreaded guilt of sin shall never feel.
Meaning : (The wise) say that the evils, which his soul would dread, will never come upon the man who exercises kindness and protects the life (of other creatures)
The teeming earth's vast realm, round which the wild winds blow,
Is witness, men of 'grace' no woeful want shall know.
Meaning : This great rich earth over which the wind blows, is a witness that sorrow never comes upon the kind-hearted.
Gain of true wealth oblivious they eschew,
Who 'grace' forsake, and graceless actions do.
Meaning : (The wise) say that those who neglect kindness and practise cruelties, neglected virtue (in their former birth), and forgot (the sorrows which they must suffer.)
As to impoverished men this present world is not;
The 'graceless' in you world have neither part nor lot.
Meaning : As this world is not for those who are without wealth, so that world is not for those who are without kindness.
Who lose the flower of wealth, when seasons change, again may bloom;
Who lose 'benevolence', lose all; nothing can change their doom.
Meaning : Those who are without wealth may, at some future time, become prosperous; those who are destitute of kindness are utterly destitute; for them there is no change.
When souls unwise true wisdom's mystic vision see,
The 'graceless' man may work true works of charity.
Meaning : If you consider, the virtue of him who is without kindness is like the perception of the true being by him who is without wisdom.
When weaker men you front with threat'ning brow,
Think how you felt in presence of some stronger foe.
Meaning : When a man is about to rush upon those who are weaker than himself, let him remember how he has stood (trembling) before those who are stronger than himself.