18. Not Coveting

Chapter. 18. Not Coveting
With soul unjust to covet others' well-earned store,
Brings ruin to the home, to evil opes the door.
Meaning : If a man departing from equity covet the property (of others), at that very time will his family be destroyed and guilt be incurred.
Through lust of gain, no deeds that retribution bring,
Do they, who shrink with shame from every unjust thing.
Meaning : Those who blush at the want of equity will not commit disgraceful acts through desire of the profit that may be gained.
No deeds of ill, misled by base desire,
Do they, whose souls to other joys aspire.
Meaning : Those who desire the higher pleasures (of heaven) will not act unjustly through desire of the trifling joy. (in this life.)
Men who have conquered sense, with sight from sordid vision freed,
Desire not other's goods, e'en in the hour of sorest need.
Meaning : The wise who have conquered their senses and are free from crime, will not covet (the things of others), with the thought "we are destitute."
What gain, though lore refined of amplest reach he learn,
His acts towards all mankind if covetous desire to folly turn?
Meaning : What is the advantage of extensive and accurate knowledge if a man through covetousness act senselessly towards all ?
Though, grace desiring, he in virtue's way stand strong,
He's lost who wealth desires, and ponders deeds of wrong.
Meaning : If he, who through desire of the virtue of kindness abides in the domestic state i.e., the path in which it may be obtained, covet (the property of others) and think of evil methods (to obtain it), he will perish.
Seek not increase by greed of gain acquired;
That fruit matured yields never good desired.
Meaning : Desire not the gain of covetousness. In the enjoyment of its fruits there is no glory.
What saves prosperity from swift decline?
Absence of lust to make another's cherished riches thine!
Meaning : If it is weighed, "what is the indestructibility of wealth," it is freedom from covetousness.
Good fortune draws anigh in helpful time of need,
To him who, schooled in virtue, guards his soul from greed.
Meaning : Lakshmi, knowing the manner (in which she may approach) will immediately come to those wise men who, knowing that it is virtue, covet not the property of others.
From thoughtless lust of other's goods springs fatal ill,
Greatness of soul that covets not shall triumph still.
Meaning : To covet (the wealth of another) regardless of consequences will bring destruction. That greatness (of mind) which covets not will give victory.